At Least They Laughed

by The Solar System



This is a sonic concept album! Two long songs comprised of many short songs which were first recorded digitally then dumped onto my Tascam 464 4-Track and recorded onto a 1982 Memorex cassette tape then fed back into the computer.

Other musicians who appear on this recording are Brian Arvo and Daniel Vought who are now members of The Solar System. They appear on the final section of "Fit A Bull" Think of it as what's to come!

Thank you to the following
My Parents, My Friends, Megan Plieth for all your support and your love! Musicians who have inspired me during the making of this album are as follows.
Rick White, Brian Eno, Syd Barrett, Plasticstatic,Eric's Trip,Olivia Tremor Control and Fifty Foot Hose.
I want to thank the VC and certain members who mean so much to me and they are. Dereck Higgins, Brenden James, Zach Coyner, Todd Wilson, Jeff Mclennan, Mark Ditch, Christopher Cole, David Horowitz,Chris Alvear,Nathan Morales, Kris Brzescinski,Rob Paneeks, Gary Betourne,Stephanie Higgins and last but not least David Horowitz. There are many more and you know who you are. Thank you for your friendship and your support.

Presenting Jeff McLennan's thoughts on At Least They Laughed after the first listen.

Chris Oliver strikes again! His latest release is best heard through headphones. Once there be prepared for sonic onslaughts of music weather systems. Or rather psychedelic solar systems. lo if wizardry... planets with atmospheres of blip and blaps, reversed gravity, hushed vocal trees, distant moons of swirled chewed up tribal drums, geysers of steamy echoed guitar solos, concept infrastructure of busy yet cohesive cut and paste highways to aural pleasure. On this planet all the natives have faces that melt like that 'Stoned Again' poster from the 60s, ask them and they say its a byproduct from the solar system lysergic pollution. Just two long creative pieces constructed of many mini pieces, fractured and splintered into so many exploratory highs and lows. I only listened to this release once and I'm writing this when the vibes are fresh, but I can tell this is an artist in his creative prime. So, pretend your headphones are a spaceship, put them on, and take a one way trip to the Solar System.


released February 20, 2013

All sounds created by Chris Oliver
Additional instrumentation/weirdness on Fit A Bull provided by
Daniel Vought, Brian Arvo and Megan Plieth!

Cover Art created by Brenden James



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